IJCAI-11 Integrated and Embedded AI (IEAI) Track: Call for Papers
Barcelona, Spain, July 2011

To solve complex real-world problems, artificial intelligence (AI)
systems are becoming increasingly integrated and pervasive. These
systems often use more than one AI technique in a tight integration
(e.g., robotic systems), or they offer important services with AI
embedded as a key component within a larger software or hardware
system (e.g., search engines and smart phones). In these systems, AI
plays a key role in the systems’ ability to perceive, reason, learn,
communicate and act intelligently in the real world.

The IEAI track welcomes two types of articles:
* articles that emphasize the integration of more than one
technique in various AI subareas, and
* those that present advances in using AI as an embedded service
or component in other areas of computer science or natural science,
business and engineering.

Important dates:

* Abstract submission: Jan 19, 2011 (11:59PM, UTC-12)
* Paper submission: Jan 24, 2011 (11:59PM, UTC-12)
* Author feedback: Feb 28-Mar 3, 2011 (11:59PM, UTC-12).
* Notification of acceptance/rejection: Mar 31, 2011
* Camera-ready copy due: Apr 15, 211
* IEAI sessions: Jul 19-22, 2011

Preference is given to submissions that explore, model and evaluate
system integration and embedding issues. In addition to the main
conference requirements such as novelty and depth, important questions
to answer for this track include:

* What is the functionality of the overall system and of the AI
subsystems being considered?
* Why are the AI subsystems important in the functionality of the
overall systems?
* How much improvement is gained in the overall system’s
performance with the inclusion of AI?
* How do the AI subsystems interact among themselves and with the
overall systems?

For more information, please visit http://ijcai-11.iiia.csic.es/calls/call_for_IEAI_track_papers.

The IEAI topics include, but are not limited to:

* AI in bioinformatics and biomedical systems
* AI in computational sustainability systems
* AI in information retrieval, Web search and multimedia systems
* AI in smart phones and sensor based applications
* AI in social media and social networking systems
* Intelligent agent systems
* Integrated planning and scheduling systems
* Intelligent sensor and robotic systems
* Intelligent tutoring and educational systems
* Knowledge engineering, modeling and capture systems
* Knowledge based database, networking, graphics and software
engineering systems
* Machine learning applications in business, science and
* Online commerce, games, and computational advertising systems
* Speech and language understanding and processing systems
* User behavior modeling and learning, intelligent user interfaces

Papers submitted to this track must follow the instructions given in
the general call for technical conference papers:

For questions, please email the IJCAI-11 IEAI Track Chair, Qiang Yang,
at ieaichair -at- ijcai-11.org.

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