Description of CL

«Cloud Logistics» is actual and modern decision for realizing new and effective mechanisms business in logistics. The target audiences of the offered services are the main participants of business in logistics, which will use «Cloud Logistics» as virtual office for receiving demands, drawing up supply chains and mobile conclusions of contracts provided with Internet access.

Firstly the market will be limited with users demanding so great and irregular logistics services and there will be represented small organizations suggesting such services. As a result with growing level of developing of «CL» and trusting to this system more powerful organizations will join «CL». Great companies will use «CL» for minimizing costs and outsourcing logistics problems.

The idea of this project  was represented to the publicity in 2011, when strict analogs of such system weren’t found out, but nowadays  there are some data in Internet, which can be called separate pieces of the system, such as some video, articles,  systems, which include some functions, nothing to say about  professionally oriented systems  existing.

Technological risks of creating «CL» are rather high, because they are demand serious research and protection in sphere of information as well as payments systems.

Market risks are connected first of all with potential consumers’ motivation and the level of reliability of «CL» services. Much force should be used for advertising and persuading people to trust «CL». It is possible to suppose that other logistics companies will suggest analogical services which will be competitive with «Cloud Logistics». For minimizing competition among different companies effective partnership programs should be developed.

«Cloud Logistics» will be created exquisitely for united transport companies excluding their competition. «CL» will provide carriers, customers, agents with fresh information in real time, to search convenient variants of comparison with each other and to valuate professional skills and quality of the staff of the system. So «CL» will secure drawing up much more effective and strict supplying chains as well as tracking of cargo in real time and many other functions included in «CL».

The main income of «CL» will be get from advertising, business interest, agent’s payments working out supply chains and from payments for additional information and services represented.

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