RuSSIR/EDBT 2011: Call for participation. Deadline 25th May 2011

Всем советую поучаствовать в RuSSIR-е в этом году! Можно отправить публикацию для конференции молодых ученых. Лучшие работы будут опубликованы в ВАК-овском журнале. Кроме этого, публикация дает вам возможность получить грант на проживание и участие. Смотри информацию ниже:

Joint RuSSIR/EDBT Summer School 2011
August 15-19, 2011, Saint Petersburg


The joint RuSSIR/EDBT 2011 Summer School will be held on August
15-19, 2011 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The school is co-organized
by Saint Petersburg State University (, Russian
Information Retrieval Evaluation Seminar (ROMIP,,
and EDBT Association (

The mission of the school is to teach students about modern problems
and methods in Information Retrieval and Database Technology; to
stimulate scientific research and collaboration in these fields; and
to create environment for informal contacts between scientists,
students and industry professionals. The working language of the
school is English.

RuSSIR/EDBT 2011 School will offer following courses:

* Gerhard Weikum — Knowledge Harvesting from Web Sources
* Ben Carterette, Evangelos Kanoulas, and Emine Yilmaz — Advances in
Information Retrieval Evaluation
* Sihem Amer-Yahia and Julia Stoyanovich — Top-K Processing for
Search and Information Discovery in Social Applications
* Stefan Rueger — Multimedia queries and indexing
* Salvatore Orlando, Raffaele Perego, and Fabrizio Silvestri — Mining
query logs to improve web wearch engines’ operations
* Mike Thelwall — Sentiment Strength Detection in the Social Web
* Vladimir Gorovoy and Yana Volkovich — An Introduction to Social
* Katja Filippova — Monolingual Text-to-Text Generation (short
* Chirag Shah — Collaborative IR (short course)

The Russian Conference for Young Scientists in Information Retrieval
will be co-organized with the school. The school is expected to have
a versatile social program.

The target audience of the school is advanced graduate and PhD
students, post-doctoral researchers, academic and industrial
researchers, and developers. The school will be open to about 150
qualified, motivated and pre-selected candidates.

The school fee is 210 Euro (8400 Rub). The fee covers all courses,
handout materials, coffee/tea breaks, social events. Organizers will
provide a limited number of grants covering school fee only or school
fee and accommodation.

About venue: Saint Petersburg is Russia’s second largest city after
Moscow with 4.6 million inhabitants. Founded by Tsar Peter I of
Russia in 1703, it was the capital of the Russian Empire for more
than two hundred years. Saint Petersburg is a major European cultural
centre. The Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg constitutes a UNESCO
World Heritage Site. Saint Petersburg is also home to The Hermitage,
one of the largest art museums in the world. Over its history the
city has been referred to as «the Venice of the north» or «Northern
Palmyra» due to the intricate web of rivers and canals. Founded in
1724, St. Petersburg State University is one of the oldest
institutions of higher education in Russia. At present, there are
more than 32,000 students at University, more than 300 specialties
hosted by 21 faculties.

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